Intech Appraisal

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Intech Property Appraisal, Inc.

IntechProperty Appraisal, Inc. was incorporated in April 2000 to provide effective solutions to complex property appraisal problems. We are a new, dynamic and enterprising property appraisal company formed to address the growing need of reliable, dependable and expeditious property appraisal service.

Manila Head Office

(+632) 8 655-6755

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Appraisal of Real Estate Properties


Appraisal of Machinery Equipment


Appraisal of Transportation Equipment


Appraisal of Furniture and Office Equipment

Complexities Made Easy

Property appraisal is more complex than trading blue chip companies in the stock market. An accurate and comprehensive valuation spells the difference between losses and profitable investment. But how does an investor or buyer ensure the latter? This is 1分钟彩票极速赛车开奖网站 168极速赛车在线开奖官方网站 正规赛车官方开奖体彩分析结果游戏 Intech Property Appraisal, Inc.’s business approach and expertise come in handy.

Intech Property Appraisal, Inc. was created with the primarily objective of providing simple yet effective solutions to what could otherwise be complex technical problems.

Our service-oriented company has been providing reliable, dependable and expeditious property appraisal service to a wide range of government and corporate clients.

Going Strong Through The Years

From our first office in Mandaluyong City, the company has since expanded its operations to the country’s 3 archipelagos. It set up offices in Cebu, Iloilo and Davao City to be accessible to and better serve its diverse clients.

From the first satisfied banking institution we catered to, Intech Property Appraisal, Inc.’s portfolio has grown to more than 100 corporate, government, and individual clients. Majority of the company’s impressive list of clientele are among the top 30 publicly listed and traded corporations. The industries are just as diverse and include:

  • property developers
  • private major banks
  • government-owned and controlled corporations
  • multinational companies
  • aviation
  • food conglomerates
  • mining
  • individual investors
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • international audit firms
  •  supermarkets
  • petroleum
  • insurance
  • telecommunications
  • logistics
  •  management consultancy companies
  • shipping

Why Choose Us

Excellence Delivered


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Market competitive rates

Extensive Client List

Accurate, quality research

Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
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Hard Working Employees
Happy Clients
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